Tremiti-Islands and Gargano Coast. Peschici.

The Gargano National Park: Tour of the Sea Grottos and Tremiti Islands

The Tour of the Grottos: a day to admire the breathtaking beauty of the Gargano Coast

Leaving daily from the port of Peschici two excurions we reccomend to you: the Tour of the Grottos and the visit to the Tremiti Islands. These two tours are the most requested. It is possible to organize with local agencies individual trips in little groups and on private yachts.


The Tour of the Grottos is of half a day, leaving at 9:30 circa for returning at roundabout 15.30, with visit of the most beautiful sea grottos along the Gargano Coast, passing for Vieste to arrive behind Mattinata, roundabout lunch time the tour stops to let you take a batch in a very beautiful and suggestive inlet, the Baia dei Campi with its cristalclear water.

baia di campi














The Tremiti Islands: an unforgettable day with sea flavour.

The Trèmiti Islands are a n archipelago of the Adriatic Sea, 22 km north from the promontory of Gargano and 45 km east from Termoli. The excursion takes the whole day leaving at 9:00 circa from the port of Peschici returing at roundabout 18:00. Choose a bright sunny day with quite sea. Not only sun and sea are waiting for you at the Tremitis, but also much interesting history on the Island of San Nicola with its fascinating historic centre, you can do diving excursions or have relaxing walks in the shadow of the big and impressing pine treas of the Island of San Domino, “the green Island”. There is the possibility to do a tour all around the archipelago by boat, visiting the most beautiful sea grottos and having a bath.

isole tremiti

isole tremiti

isole ttremiti



Two sea excurions absolutely to do when you come to visit this paradise called Gargano. The Gargano National Park offers many different possibilities, not only the magnificent coast with its cristalclear water and its wondeful beaches. In the Locanda della Castellana you’l find all informations.

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