Castel Pagano and Dolina Pozzantina: at the doors of North Gargano.

The excurion we recommend is original and not common, not one of those classical touristic spots, but historically very interesting in a beautiful scenery. This excursion also offers a lot of other spots to see: Abbey of Santa Maria di Monte Devio, Lago (lake) di Varano, Torre di Mileto.


Castel Pagano and Dolina Pozzantina.Two yet quite unknown miracles of our territory

The Gargano is rich of hermits,abbeys and fortresses. Castel Pagano- area of Apricena ( 554 metres of altitudine) is a town-fortress of the Middle Ages in a bewitching position with a breathtaking panorama on the Tavoliere of Apulia,whicht seems to be a coloured chessboard, you can also see Apricena, San Severo and the seas of Lesina and Varano, and in the distance the islands of Tremiti and Pianosa.


The castel: a defending guardian of the promontory

Excursion recommended for everybody,choose a sunny and clear day to admire the panorama, but also with mist it’s very fascinating. For Castel Pagano on the superstrada of the Gargano (SSG) exit San Nicandro, entered in the city take the road to San Marco in Lamis after roundabout 25 minutes distant from Sannicandro Garganico take the road immidiately after the sign “Il Sentiero dell’anima”, a wooden sign indicating for “Azienda Sabatino” shows you the way. Park the car directly before the wooden gate and go on by feet for roundabout half an hour, walking steadily and quite fast..

The panorama once arrived on the top will take your breath away. In the distance the fortress which seems to be suspended in the air and under you all the Tavoliere, the extended plain of Apulia ( the second biggest of Italy after the plain of Padania). Cows and horses will be already waiting for you.


A crater of biodiversity: the Dolina Pozzantina


If there is some time left take the road to the ’Associazione Il Sentiero dell’Anima, directly underneath the road you can see the Dolina Pozzantina which represents one of the most impressioning and spectecular expressions of carsism of the surface of the Gargano promontory and many even think, as if it is the second biggest crater of Europe, that it’s the most important carsic phenomenons of the whole continent. For informations about excursions:

dolina pozzantina - peschici - locanda della castellana
Dolina Pozzantina la seconda più grande dolina carsica d’Europa













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Did you already hear talking about Castel Pagano and Dolina Pozzantina? No? Good, we hope we where able to make you curiose about is. So go to discover the uncommon and hidden Gargano rich of fascination, history and enchanting sceneries.  We personally remained impressed by the breathtaking scenery, the history of this middle-aged village, and the type of life the inhabitants conducted at the time. Think that Federico II gave this residence to the saracens impressed us, that’s why it’s called Pagano, because not Christians lived there.  Do you have comments of suggestions to give to us? Have you already seen those places?

panorama - lago varano - hotel castellana
Una delle escursioni raccomandate per vivere il Gargano

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